Give Me This Mountain

      19880605 Give Me This Mountain - Rev. Tommy Jones

How much #freedom do you have?  Are you blessed with #peace, rest, how about refreshment?  In this story from the Old Testament, Brother Tommy shows us how Joshua and Caleb relate to our lives today.  Where does half-hearted living get us?  What are the steps to living whole-heartedly?  What are the benefits to living this full life?  Why do opportunities always come with obstacles?  How does our perspective affect how we approach these obstacles?  What do you desire?  How does it align with what God desires?

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The Gift

Anchor in the Storm


Two Sides Of The Same Story

      19810726 Two Sides Of The Same Story - Rev. Tommy Jones

How can two people live through the same experience and come out with two different versions?  Putting aside any deception on the part of either one, the difference can be ascribed to perspective.  This can be illustrated by thinking about our own burdens versus those of others.  The law says we should bear one another’s burdens.  But what motivates us to fulfill this law?  What are some of these burdens we are supposed to help others to bear?  What are burdens of necessity?  How do they differ from burdens of sorrow?  And most importantly how do we help someone with their burden of fault?  Is it possible to do the right thing in the wrong way?  Is meekness synonymous with weakness?  How much thought should we put into our motive and approach to helping others?  How much help is too much?  How do we examine ourselves first?  How do we deal with the Lord and can we do that for others?

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The Gift

Message from the Canal


Faith That Follows

      19820725pm Faith That Follows - Rev. Tommy Jones

Have you ever seen or been a part of a team building exercise?  Sometimes they have people fall backwards into a group of their peers to build trust.  Faith begins with trust, and the only one I can trust to have my back 100% of the time is the one true God, the Creator of the Universe.  As a matter of fact, the Bible says to trust the Lord even when it is counter to our own opinion.  Let’s say you have no problem trusting God, but how do you live it?  Where does following in faith lead?  Have you ever asked for directions to a specific item in a big box store?  I find it much faster and am less likely to give up my search if the person giving directions accompanies me all the way instead of just pointing and telling.  What kind of assistance do you think our Lord and Savior wants to provide?

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Come Rest Awhile