The Discipline Of Disappointment

      19820829 Discipline Of Disappointment - Rev. Tommy Jones

Does becoming a follower of Jesus Christ exempt us from problems?  Why not?  Did it work for Jesus himself or his disciples?  Why is it a good thing that we don’t know what Paul was dealing with when he talked about his thorn in the flesh?’  How did he try to rid himself of it?  Did it work?  What can we take away from this example?  What does adversity do for growth and learning?  Is there a promise that goes with suffering?  Do you ever feel like you are too weak to be used by God?  What does the Bible say about that?  What counter-intuitive response did Paul show us to employ when dealing with setbacks?

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It’s All About Jesus


Reasons For Running The Race

      19820418pm Reasons For Running The Race - Rev. Tommy Jones

Do you run a #marathon, #halfmarathon, or a #triathlon?  Which race you run makes a big difference in the way you train.  Which race was Paul talking about in Hebrews?  What are some things we should cut out of our lives to run the race well?  What kind of weight should we shed?  What kind of food should we eat?  How should we practice to prepare?  How do we build endurance for this marathon?  For what kind of audience do we run?  Is there a trophy at the end of this race?  What runner should we imitate?  Have we been left to run this race alone?

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The Way To Life

      19830724 The Way To Life - Rev. Tommy Jones

What #GPS are you using to make your way through this world?  What is the right way?  Is it hard to find?  What are some of the navigational aids we can find along the way?  Are there any requirements that must be met in order to take this road?  What are the benefits of taking this path less traveled?  Are there any consequences to avoiding this way?

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