Letters Of Our Lord

      19880501pm Letters Of Our Lord - Rev. Tommy Jones

What would #Jesus #Christ think about the #churches that have sprung up in His name over the centuries?  What if I told you that Jesus already wrote letters to them knowing what they would become?  See if you recognize your church in any of these letters from our Lord.  A church is made up of individuals and that means that these church profiles also apply to us as individuals.  Do you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions?  Will every Church and Christian get a free pass because of their name?  Works don’t save us but what do these letters show us about the emphasis that will be placed on them?  Will the Church be judged as a whole or will individual motives and efforts matter?  That tells me that joining a great church is important, but it is still a personal responsibility to accept the Lord, grow, and share the Good News.

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The Where of Worship


Demands Of Discipleship

      19820418 Demands Of Discipleship - Rev. Tommy Jones

We speak often about the #gift of eternal #life.  Its true, the possibility of eternal life with God was given to us by the selfless sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ and His subsequent resurrection.  That was something that none of us could have accomplished on our own.  But are there things that we are expected to do if we want to be disciples of Christ?  What does discipleship have to do with salvation?  How important is surrender?  What are we expected to surrender?  How often do we need to surrender?  What is the expectation of serving others in the name of Christ?  What sacrifices are Christians asked to make?  Not as motivation, but as reassurance what did Jesus say would happen if we do sacrifice?

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The When of Worship


The Faithfulness of God

      19820919pm The Faithfulness Of God - Rev. Tommy Jones

Does #God save everyone that calls upon His #name?  What measure did He take to show us He means what He says in the Bible?  Accepting His Son’s death and resurrection as a sacrifice for your own sins is the most important step, but it is just the beginning of the journey that God has planned for you.  What is expected of us?  What kind of assistance can we expect along the way?  Is the purpose of following Christ only to go to Heaven or are there some things we need to be doing now?  Faithfulness is a two way street.  We believe God will be faithful according to His Word and He desires for us to be faithful, too.

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