#Babies love to be #cradled in your #arms and so do we all enjoy being surrounded by loving arms hearing a lullaby or a love song. If you send or receive #moji’s on your phone, I have a feeling that the #hugs are one of the most transmitted. Do you need a good hug today? The Bible lets us who has the longest reaching arms with a perfect touch. Say what? I read it straight from HIS WORD. “Sing unto the LORD a new song for He has done marvelous things: His right hand and HIS HOLY ARM HAVE GOTTEN HIM THE VICTORY and has made known His salvation” Ps.98:1,2 “Who has believed our report? TO WHOM IS THE ARM OF THE LORD REVEALED? Isaiah 53:1 When my babies were fussy and crying, I always wanted to comfort them by holding them in my arms . GOD has seen our distress and rebellion …Is.59:13-16″In transgression and lying against the LORD, departing..speaking oppression, revolt and uttering ..words of falsehood…justice stands afar off for truth fails and he that departs from evil becomes a prey: the LORD SAW IT and displeased Him that there was no judgment. HE saw there was no man-no intercessor therefore HIS ARM BROUGHT SALVATION.” 20″THE REDEEMER SHALL COME TO ZION” Jesus Christ our redeemer is ready to hear our cries, forgive our sins, and hold us in HIS EVERLASTING ARMS.

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