Biblical Basis for Missions – The Mandate of Missions

Biblical Basis for Missions – The Mandate of Missions
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This week we conclude the series of messages on #missions.   What is a #mandate and does it make a difference from where it comes?  A mandate is a command from someone in power.  In America, a political mandate comes from the people as they have the power to elect.  But, in a monarchy the command comes from the ruler.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, we must follow His commandments.  When Jesus said the fields are ripe with harvest, what did He mean?  What happens to a field that doesn’t get harvested?  It is sometimes very telling to hear the last words of famous people.  What were Christ’s last words before ascending to Heaven?  Would the lost in Hell beg us to go and be missionaries to their families?  According to the Bible, they would.  Who else is urging us to spread the good news of the Gospel?  Will you answer the call?

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