His Infernal Ministry – The Person Of The Unholy Spirit – His Hierarchy And Helpers

Just so you know who and what we are all up against, we are going through this series about the #devil.  This week, we are learning about his #demons and what are the tools we have to resist them.  Is there any difference between demons and fallen angels?  Who are these helpers of Satan?  How much power do they have?  How many of them are out there?  How can these immaterial beings be active in the material world?  How has Satan organized his hierarchy of demons?  Where are these evil spirits active?  Is illness the result of demonic activity?  Is demonic possession and oppression happening today?  How can we mount a defense?  What is the pitfall of exaggerating demonic influence?  Can a Christian be possessed?  Do Christians have the authority to confront the devil and his helpers?

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