His Internal Ministry- The Performance of the Holy Spirit – in Communication, Conviction, and Conversion


Last week, we heard about the role of the #HolySpirit in #history.  This week, we hear about the current role He plays in our lives.  How does the Holy Spirit communicate to us today?  How do we know that the Bible is unique amongst all the other literature in the world?  Where inspiration ended, illumination began.  How does the Bible present differently to the critic and the one who is seeking?  What is the difference between conviction by the conscience and that of the Holy Spirit?  Is righteousness achieved by doing right?  What choice does the Holy Spirit show us?  Whose kingdom is finished and days are numbered?  Whose work convinces us to ask ‘what must I do to be saved?’  Is it ever up to us to convert others to a saving belief in Jesus Christ?  What role will the Holy Spirit play in the resurrection and glorification of believers in the future?


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