Study In A Stable – Jesus

Study In A Stable – Jesus
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      20011223 Study In A Stable - Jesus - Rev. Tommy Jones


Whether you say #HappyHolidays or #MerryChristmas, whether you support #Antifa or #Brexit, God sent Hs son, Jesus to save you.  The New Testament of the Bible begins with the birth of Jesus, but did you know that His birth fulfilled over 300 prophecies in the Old Testament about the Savior?  Can we really say that we would have been smarter than the Jewish scholars that didn’t recognize their long awaited King when he was born into such lowly beginnings?  We all start as a humble sinless child just like Jesus did, but do we stay that way?  Did Jesus?  We are born innocent and trusting.  What happens to that as we grow up?  Babies don’t worry about the future or the past, they are all about the now.  What did Jesus tell us about that attitude?

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