The Person Who Pities

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      19840610 The Person Who Pities - Rev. Tommy Jones


Last week, we learned why we should always give #thanks.  This week, we will learn what happens when we ignore this advice and start down a path of #self #pity.  We tend to think of biblical heroes as perfect, infallible, or at the very least happy and enthused.  But, are they?  Elijah was a great man, a prophet, one whom God loved and still he found himself dejected under a juniper tree.  What toll does it take to serve the Lord and bring truth to people?  Is a Christian life going to be easy and bring popularity?  What happens when we lose focus on the important things?  Does God speak to us in the chaos of current events?  Who do you trust and who do you fear?  Is it possible that there could be more going on than we can see right now?

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