Christ Is The Answer – A Passage That Punctures Pride

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      20000813 Christ Is The Answer - A Passage That Punctures Pride - Rev. Tommy Jones


#Pride is everywhere today, celebrated by the World.  But what does the #Bible say about pride?  Pride was the original sin.  Have we learned our lesson yet?  How can we puncture pride by looking at ourselves in the mirror of the Word?  How self confident should we be of gifts we have received from God?  What is it about pride that makes us slow down before the race is over?  We love to compare ourselves to others, but rarely do we compare ourselves to the apostles.  Listen for a special note on political correctness.  What are we willing to put aside for the Kingdom of God?  One more test of pride is how do you retaliate when wronged?

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#WORK seems to be #destained today.  I am observing many who seemly want somebody else to take care of them while they accomplish their self indulgence, because WORK is beneath them. “Exertion & toil of strength or facilities to accomplish something with labor” is Websters’ definition of work.  Obviously, many do not know the most High Majestic LORD’S WORK.   “CONSIDER THE WORK OF GOD” Ecclesiastes 7:13  “In the beginning GOD CREATED heaven and earth….GOD FORMED MAN in His own image Male and Female created He them”  Genesis 1:27  “WORKS OF LORD are Great, Honorable, Glorious, Pleasurable, & to be Remembered” Ps.111:2  “How Great are  WORKS of GOD’S HANDS which have made me GLAD” Ps.92:4   Does your work bring joy to others?  “Mighty in Work and Counsel, GOD’S eyes are open to all the ways of men giving them each according to the fruit of their doings” Jeremiah 32:18,19  [pay to play] It is God who WORKS IN YOU both to will and do of His good pleasure Philippians 2:13  Trust, follow, listen to the Master !  “BE CONFIDENT OF THIS VERY THING THAT GOD WHO BEGAN A GOOD WORK IN YOU WILL PERFORM IT UNTIL THE DAY OF JESUS CHRIST” Phil.1:6

Christ Is The Answer – To Find & Fill Your Proper Place

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      20000806 Christ Is The Answer - To Find & Fill Your Proper Place - Rev. Tommy Jones


What are we here for?  Many today find life #meaningless, #purposeless, or even downright #depressing.  #Christ is the answer.  In the body of Christ, the church, we can find acceptance and belonging.  But what happens when believers don’t take their proper place?  Paul told the Corinthians how to rectify this situation.  What part does humility play?  Less of me means more of Jesus.  What is a steward?  Management can be a draining job when there is a difficult boss or a rogue manager, but when there is a good boss or owner and the managers are aligned, the task becomes fulfilling even enjoyable.  Judgment is reserved for whom?  Paul put little weight in the judgment of others of him and none in his own judgment of himself.  Whose judgment really matters?  Will every Christian receive praise in the end?

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Christ Is The Answer – That Reminds Me

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      20000730 Christ Is The Answer - That Reminds Me - Rev. Tommy Jones


Back before we had all these #phones and digital #calendars, people would tie a string around their finger as a #reminder.  But, what good is a reminder if we don’t know what it is supposed to bring to remembrance?  Back in the Old Testament God dwelt in the temple.  Where does the New Testament say that God dwells now?  What makes this temple holy?  What does it mean when we are told not to spoil, mar, or corrupt this temple?  How can we become wise?  How can we tap into a spiritual fortune?  Let this scripture remind us whose we are and what we possess as Christians.

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The Ultimate Treasure



from Barbara's Bible

Do you ask yourself, ‘Who Cares?’  I answer myself, “GOD DOES!”  What or Who gives me that assurance ?  GOD’S WORD TELLS ME SO.  “Consider my affliction and rescue me for I do not forget thy WORD” Ps.119:154  “In my distress, I cried unto the LORD AND HE HEARD ME” Psalm 120:l “WHEN EVIL COMES UPON US, I CRY UNTO THE LORD IN MY DISTRESS AND GOD WILL HEAR AND HELP” 11Chronicles 20:9 “Trust in the LORD for He is our HELP and SHIELD” Psalm 115:9  You see YOU matter to GOD and HE actually listens to you!  You don’t need to have a code for He has your number…”I LOVE the LORD BECAUSE HE HAS HEARD MY VOICE AND MY SUPPLICATIONS AND HAS TURNED HIS EAR UNTO ME; therefore I WILL CALL UPON HIM AS LONG AS I LIVE.…for HIS MERCIFUL KINDNESS IS GREAT and the TRUTH of the LORD ENDURES FOREVER”  Psalm 116:1.2-117:2  GOD CARES ABOUT YOU !!!