Well, have you ever?  Not in my lifetime have I seen #America in such #chaos.  I #recall WW11 with my father and four of my uncles involved.  I remember Mother and I had a book of #ration stamps that we took to the grocery store.  I saved aluminum from chewing gum wrappers to donate to the war effort.  No riots!  All swimming pools were closed during the polio outbreak.  We stood together.  Then came the changing 60’s with a flashback of drugged hippies lying on Peachtree in downtown Atlanta.   I’ve observed many changes in our laws while crimes increase.. and God’s Word has been ignored.  Bible informs us that THE LIVING GOD RECALLS, RECOUNTS, REMEMBERS ALL.  Nahum 2:4,5  “They shall rage in the streets jostling against one another as they stumble in making a wall.  GOD SHALL RECOUNT WHAT IS WORTHY and the defense shall be prepared.”  Trust in His Word.  “Now know I that the LORD SAVES HIS ANOINTED, He will hear him from His holy heaven with SAVING STRENGTH of HIS RIGHT HAND.  We will remember – recount  – recall the name of the LORD OUR GOD”  Psalms 20:6,7

Mosaics Of The Master – Christ The Source of Life – Delineated By A Saying

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      20060813 Mosaics Of The Master - Christ The Source Of Life - Delineated By A Saying - Rev. Tommy Jones


Last week, we heard how #Jesus showed He was the source of #life.  This week, we hear what He said to clarify that He is that source.  Jesus and His disciples were surrounded by agriculture and one of the biggest crops and even their national symbol had something in common.  All through the Old Testament the nation of Israel was referred to as a grape vine and not always in a positive way.  But Christ said that He is the true vine.  In what ways is Jesus Christ the vine that is true and perfect?  If Jesus is the vine, who are the branches?  Why is that important?  What happens to a branch apart from the vine?  Once the branch is attached to the vine, how does it produce fruit?  What kind of fruit would you reasonably expect from a grape vine?  What kind of fruit does the Bible say we can expect from our vine?

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#Heat and #Fire remove #impurities.  You may have watched the forging of a steel knife or glass inserted into the flames then blown into a fragile clear object.  While observing our world today, I feel the intensity of the kiln!   While I have no forging skills, I know who does !  For OUR GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE” Heb.12:29   Only God can remove our dross.  “If anyone build upon the foundation of gold, silver, precious stones wood, hay, stubble it shall be shown and revealed by fire; and the fire shall test everyone’s work .” 1 Corinthians 3:12,13  “Who may abide in the day of LORD’S coming?  Who shall stand for GOD IS A REFINER’S FIRE and HE SHALL SIT AS A REFINER AND PURIFIER ..purging and cleaning them as gold and silver so they may offer unto the LORD in righteousness.”  Malachi 3:1-3 Yes, we are going through the heat and turmoil today.  Look Up ^ The Living God is the Refiner.  “I will bring you through the fire and I WILL REFINE YOU as silver is refined and will try them as gold is tried; if they shall call on my name!  I WILL HEAR YOU.  GOD will say, You are my people when they say, ‘THE LORD IS MY GOD”  Zechariah 13:9

Mosaics Of The Master – Christ The Source of Life – Demonstrated By A Sign

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      20060806 Mosaics Of The Master - Christ The Source Of Life - Demonstrated By A Sign - Rev. Tommy Jones


Did you know #Christ is not #Jesus’ last name?  It is his title and it means #Messiah and #Savior.  The first ‘I am’ that Jesus demonstrated was ‘I am the vine.’  He showed this with His first miracle at the wedding in Canaa.  Why would Mary ask her son to fix the problem that occurred?  Is there any importance that this happened at a wedding?  What is the significance of the elements of this miracle?  What happens to fruit that is not on the vine?  How did this miracle embody the Gospel principles of ’trust and obey?’  Why did they have big quantities of water sitting around?  What was said about the quality of the wine Jesus produced by this miracle?  Were Christ’s miracles tricks or did they have another purpose?  

As I sit here summarizing the message for you, I am bothered by a bird fighting his own reflection on my glass window.  It reminds me that the World right now is in turmoil.  I am made in God’s image and so is my neighbor.  When I fight with my neighbor, I am therefore fighting my own reflection.  The Devil wants us to believe our enemy is our neighbor, but we are actually in a spiritual battle.  The Bible says that we struggle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.  

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