His Internal Ministry – The Performance Of The Holy Spirit – In Creation, Preparation, and Incarnation

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Can we trace the existence and the work of the Holy Spirit from the #beginning until now?  How doe we know the Holy Spirit was present and active at the Creation?  What was/is His role in it?  How did mankind receive the breath of Life?  How does the Holy Spirit bring glory to God through us?  How did the Spirit prepare the World for the coming of the Messiah?  What are some examples of the Holy Spirit’s work in the Old Testament?  Who do you think gave the prophets advance information about the Messiah beforehand?  How did Jesus Christ come into this World or incarnated?  Was Jesus helped throughout His ministry by the Holy Spirit?  How about His death and resurrection?  Can we also tap into that power?


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Help for Depression



Have you ever been given a #reward for something you did?  Maybe you turned in a wanted criminal and received #money.  I have been rewarded throughout my life from others when they just said, “Thank You” for simple acts of caring for them through cards, food, listening, and loving.  None of these gestures on my part are outstanding, but they do require making a choice whether to give time and thought to others!  As I observe families and groups today, I am amazed how self absorbed our society has become.  Proverbs 11:21-31 gives us some very choice words “One who troubles his own house shall inherit the wind and the fool shall be servant to the wise of ♥heart.  The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and  he that wins souls is wise.  The righteous shall be rewarded in the earth.”  Sometimes we think no one pays attention to us or sees us, but God sees us all.  “Love the Lord for He preserves the faithful and GOD PLENTIFULLY REWARDS THE DOER.  Be of good courage, He shall strengthen your heart♥, all you who hope in the LORD.”Ps.31:23,24.   Now is the time to think where you are spending your time and to whom or what you are giving all your attention.  One day we shall find out God sees, hears, and knows all.  That day is coming …Rev.22:12 “JESUS said, I come quickly; and MY REWARD IS WITH ME TO GIVE TO EVERYONE ACCORDING TO THEIR WORK.” 

His Internal Ministry – The Person of the Holy Spirit

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Today, we have the introduction of a series of messages on the #HolySpirit.  John 14 teaches us that we need to know about all 3 persons of the one true #God.  You may know God the Father and you may have accepted Jesus Christ the Son as your Lord and Savior, but do you know the person of the Holy Spirit.  Without God’s Word, the Bible, it is improbable that you will strike the right balance.  What harm is there in over or under emphasizing the Holy Spirit?  What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit and to speak the Word with boldness?  The next 12 messages are meant to enlighten and strengthen your Christian walk.  Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His relationship with the Father and the Son?  What capacities does the Bible tell us of His personality?  Was He there at the Creation, how about the baptism of Jesus Christ?  Is He a power or a person?  Is He diety?  Have you ever heard Him referred to as the Holy Ghost?  Why is that an incorrect translation?  Why doesn’t He have a more proper name like God or Jesus?  What are seven pictures given to us of the Holy Spirit?  What are His duties?  


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Pray and Vote



How many #opinions do you hear in a day on TV or online?  Are you inundated with #political ads and robo calls?  How many of the #judge shows do you watch where the judge has to mediate between two plaintiffs?    I have this picture in my mind of our society today in a constant court battle,  How you say?  Get the picture of our LORD – the JUDGE and before Him are all of us as plaintiffs , but only some have asked JESUS CHRIST TO BE THEIR MEDIATOR.  We want our pitiful story heard, shouted, and rectified;  however, there is the accuser’s opinion in the matter which can be more vociferous!  So how do we resolve this upheaval today?  I believe only through accepting THE MEDIATOR, JESUS CHRIST to cover our sins with His blood sacrifice before His Father, the Judge our LORD.  “The mighty GOD may judge His people – for He is judge  himself.”Ps.50:4,6  “Vengeance belongs unto the LORD.  Again, the LORD shall judge His people.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD.”Heb.10:30,31   So what or who do you turn to now?  “to JESUS THE MEDIATOR....see that you do not refuse His speaking.  For if they did not escape that refused Him on earth, how much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him that speaks from heaven.” Heb.12:24  God’s Word is relevant right now Tim. 2:1-6 “Prayers, supplications, intercessions, and giving thanks for all men, kings, and all that are in authority so we may lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; who will have all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.  There is one God, and one MEDIATOR BETWEEN GOD AND MEN, THE MAN CHRIST JESUS; who gave himself a ransom for ALL, to be testified in due time.”