Christ Is The Answer – How Are You Traveling?

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      20000709 Christ Is The Answer - How Are You Traveling - Rev. Tommy Jones


It is #vacation time again.  Will you be #hiking, #driving, or maybe #flying?  Which road will you take to get there?  The Bible has a lot to say about our journey through this life.  It says there are two distinct paths.  One is wide and winding and the other is straight but narrow.  Are people aware of which path they are traveling?  Are you aware?  Let’s say you are on the right path, are you aware that there are different ways to travel this road?  In this passage, Paul is warning the Corinthians about carnal Christianity.  They are saved but not growing and not living up to their potential.  How can we move up in our Christian walk away from carnality toward Christ mindedness?

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WHATCHA DOIN? is a popular #Bitmoji today. What are you doing #NOW?  Have you resumed your #lifestyle and #work routine?  Covid has curtailed our activities and caused many changes to the way we view life.  I have observed that the people who are working seem to be doing double duty for those who refuse to labor.  As a child I was taught to help (work) around the house with dusting, dishes, polishing furniture and floors, gardening,  cooking; however, today I see all ages wasting away on video games or glued to their phone!  We are made in the image of GOD.  What’s GOD DOING?   DOES GOD WORK?  “The WORKS OF GOD’S HANDS ARE HONORABLE AND GLORIOUS STANDING FIRM AND TRUE FOREVER”  GOD keeps on keeping on….”The WORKS OF THE LORD ARE GREAT AND SOUGHT OUT BY ALL THAT HAVE PLEASURE THEREIN AS HE MADE HIS WONDERFUL WORKS TO BE REMEMBERED”  Psalms 111  Are you seeking guidance now?  “THE MIGHTY GOD, LORD OF HOSTS IS GREAT IN COUNSEL AND WORKS BY OPENING MENS EYES TO GIVE EVERYONE ACCORDING TO HIS WAYS AND DOINGS”  Jeremiah 32:19    ‘WHATCHA DOIN?”

Christ Is The Answer – The Wisdom Which Is Out of This World

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      20000702 Christ Is The Answer - The Wisdom Which Is Out Of This World - Rev. Tommy Jones


Is there a difference between #knowledge and #wisdom?  Just look at the arguments over #facts vs. #feelings and #Fakenews.  How would you like to gain not only wisdom about what is going on in the world but also outside of it?  Is God surprised by anything that we do?  God has a plan that includes His Son, Jesus Christ and you.  Can we gain insight beyond the most knowledgable people on Earth through a right relationship with the Savior?  What mystery is revealed in Christ?  What part does the Holy Spirit play in revealing and disseminating this wisdom?  What is the purpose of offering us so much wisdom?

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Are you always #searching for #directions?  I have observed our present #population glued to #technology transmitted over the air waves?  Even walkers have on earplugs keeping them entertained or giving information.  I wonder if they ever #look up? or #smell the blossoms? or #smile?  If you ask a question of someone today they get out their phone and check the internet.  Does it seem that society is being directed and steered by data stored on our airways?  Who is your source in life?  To whom do you turn?  Do you ever read a book today?  Or do you just rely on what is being promoted by prominent individuals to influence your decisions for their personal welfare?  I think it time to read the Word of the LORD for guidance!  If you can’t read then listen to an audio Bible reading while hearing Truth proclaimed.  We all need a guide through the rough dark waters, and even during  the beautiful bright events of our life. Who or What is your source for life directives?  “The Great, the Mighty God, the LORD of hosts, is His name, Great in Counsel and mighty in work, opening your eyes to all the ways of men; giving every one according to the fruit of his doings.” Jeremiah 32:18,19  God knows all, sees all sooo seek His wisdom and strength by walking with THE LIVING GOD.  “FOR THIS GOD IS OUR GOD FOREVER AND EVER: HE WILL BE OUR GUIDE EVEN UNTO DEATH” Psalms 48:14

Christ Is The Answer – In Remembrance of Me, Drink This Cup

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      20000625 Christ Is The Answer - In Remembrance Of Me, Drink This Cup - Rev. Tommy Jones


#Blood is essential to #life.  Why is it so important to #Christians?  How powerful is the blood of the perfect God/man?  What ritual from the Old Testament was perfectly completed in the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ?  Did Jesus voluntarily shed His blood only for His disciples?  How does the blood of Jesus wash away sin?  

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