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Congratulations to all the #graduates.  #Graduation is a time of #change.  In fact, everyday brings change for each and every one of us.  Are you excited or scared?  What influences have made us who we are?  What tools have we been given to make our way into the future?  Brother Tommy says,’ You are not ready to live until you’re ready to die.’  Peter was already a follower of Christ when Jesus told him what he was and what he was going to be.  What is important about where we aim?  Do you know whose you are?  What do you value?  Do you have a plan?  What can you be if you follow God’s will?

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Do you need more #strength? Seems to me that someone is always promoting the latest #energy #booster, #supplement, or #equipment that will increase your #stamina, #endurance, and #muscles. I am sure all have some benefit even psychological for awhile until you tire of it and move on to the latest fade. Back in the 70’s my husband and I had dinner with the man who held the title “Strongest Man of the Year” . I was struck by his huge muscular frame and as he talked, I could hear pressure on his breathing and vocals caused by the enlarged muscles around his heart and lungs. He only lived a few years after our meeting, and that reminded me of how man’s strength is so fragile. There is a strength that never wanes which belongs to the LORD. “STRENGTH-POWER BELONG UNTO GOD” Ps.62:11 “Be exalted LORD IN THINE OWN STRENGTH: so we will sing and praise thy power.”Ps.21:13 This is my personal prayer today from Psalms 71:16-18: “I WILL GO IN THE STRENGTH OF THE LORD GOD: and make mention of His righteousness only. Now when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not until I have showed THY STRENGTH UNTO THIS GENERATION and thy power to everyone that is to come.” Ps.71:16-18

His Infernal Ministry – The Peril Of The Unholy Spirit – The Serpent’s Destruction

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I love a #happy ending to a story.  What does that have to do with a series about the #devil?  Brother Tommy starts out with a story about #FakeNews going all the way back to 1967.  It is a great parallel to what we are seeing today in terms of the headlines Satan is getting now.  What does the Bible say about  the destiny or destruction of the devil?  For whom was Hell made?  Why were the demons so worried when Jesus walked the Earth?  Evidently, we are somewhere between Satan’s judgment and his sentencing.  That is not to be confused with our judgment, which fortunately, comes later.  Why has God delayed the serpent’s destruction?

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He Hears You