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Walk in the Light

Bible Audio Blog Numerous studies have shown that #walking is good for your #health.  How should a #Christian walk?  ‘In the light’ is the answer.  But what does that look like?  Does your walk match your talk?  Of course, we can’t live a
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Heaven’s Welcoming Committee

Bible Audio Blog What #tools did Jesus tell us to use to make #Heaven a better place?  How can Believers use their #money, #time, and #talents to create a welcoming committee for themselves in Heaven?  There’s a parable in Luke that Jesus tells
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Praise the Lord

Bible Audio Blog #Complaints, #triggers, #fakenews – how do most people choose to express themselves these days?  What does the Bible say about how we should expend our mental energy?  Does God desire our praise?  Is there something built into the human heart
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Gratitude of the Redeemed

Bible Audio Blog What does the word #redeem mean?  It means to purchase back.  Why does the #Bible use this term for #salvation?  The unsaved are slaves to what?  Another thing we are called before being redeemed is lost.  God promises to do
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Grace to Serve

Bible Audio Blog #Grace is not just a girl’s name.  The definition I like is that grace is God’s unmerited favor.  Here, Brother Tommy leads us through the passage that ends with, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’  That
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Walking Before the Lord

Bible Audio Blog #Walking implies an #origin and a #destination.  Is it important how we get there, what we do along the way?  Once you make the decision to follow Jesus, it very much matters how you are walking.  How do we walk
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