What #satisfies you? #Food – #Entertainment – #Sex – #Gambling – #Drugs -#Vacation – #Music -#Solitude or none of the afore mentioned? I do not see many individuals that appear satisfied with their circumstances today. Some are always striving while others have just given up. God’s Word gives up a ‘heads up’. “They wander in the wilderness in a solitary way….hungry and thirsty their souls fainted within them while crying unto the LORD in their trouble for Him to deliver them out of their distresses. If only they would praise the LORD for His goodness…for LORD SATISFIES THE LONGING SOUL and FILLS THE HUNGRY SOUL WITH GOODNESS” Psalm 107:4-9 “When you shall call, the LORD will answer. . .and SATISFY THE AFFLICTED SOUL with light through obscurity ” Isaiah 58:10 The Word speaks to us all both young and old as we all need His presence ! “Teach us to number our days….SATISFY US EARLY WITH THY MERCY; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days” Ps.90:14 I know you love to make calls …well I am asking you to “Call upon the LORD and He shall answer you..He will be with you in time of trouble and will deliver and honor you in time of trouble. With LONG LIFE WILL THE LORD SATISFY HIM AND SHOW HIS SALVATION” Psalms 91:14-16

What is the purpose of the church?  Should it be first concerned with #SocialJustice or #politics?  No, it should be #missions.  Jesus Christ, who is the head of the church, proved this even before the Great Commission by doing what?  Was missions an ad lib response to sin?  How is the body of believers more than an organization?  Before Christ and His ministry, how did society view mercy and benevolence?  Is there personal responsibility in this mission?  Where do we get the power to carry out the mission?  

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What #paths are you taking today? Do you know if the #road you are traveling will take you to your #destination? I see people being verbally directed by GPS to turn right or left at each interchange in order to arrive at said destination. Are we internet dependent? Today we all want immediate gratifications. Who or what do you turn to for information on your life journey? How long has it been since you actually read the word of God for His directions on your life’s pathway? “Show me Thy ways O LORD TEACH ME THY PATHS. LEAD ME IN THY TRUTH AND TEACH ME: for thou art the God of my salvation; on Thee do I wait all the day. GOOD AND UPRIGHT IS THE LORD; HE TEACHES SINNERS IN THE WAY. THE MEEK HE WILL GUIDE IN JUDGMENT; and the meek he will teach his way. ALL THE PATHS OF THE LORD ARE MERCY AND TRUTH TO THOSES WHO KEEP HIS COVENANT AND HIS TESTIMONIES.” Ps.25:4,5,8-10 Can we take our eyes off artificial intelligence and say like David did in Ps.26:3 …”Thy lovingkindness is before my eyes and I have walked in thy truth” Will you …. FOLLOW THE LIVING GOD……

What #motivates you in #life?  What should be our motive to be missionaries? Is the purpose of the Gospel to make us comfortable, or should it propel us to inform others?  At the core of Jesus’ sacrifice is love, God’s love for all of mankind.  Therefor, shouldn’t our motive to share the Gospel with those around us be love.  The word, love, gets thrown around a lot.  But, what kind of love should we have for our fellow man?  How much does the God of the Universe care about us?  In light of God’s sacrifice of His only Son, what can we do to show our allegiance?  Do you think the prodigal son felt loved when his father welcomed him back?  And what are the chances that same son told his friends and neighbors about his father’s love?

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