As a child I #remember hearing “#Think before you #speak”.  Today I observe many who “open mouth and insert foot”  What we referred as hoof and mouth disease has become an attention grabber on the internet and newsfeed.     Has anyone read what God has said to us through His Word, the Bible?  You cannot remember what you”ve never read, heard or seen.  In the book of Isaiah chapters 45 & 46, God ‘s words are so relevant for our present chaos.  “They shall be ashamed and also confounded, all of them: they shall go to confusion together that are makers of idols. They assemble drawing near together: escaping the nation.  They have no knowledge of their graven image and pray unto their god that cannot save.  They take counsel together not knowing GOD for there is no God beside Me.  Look unto Me and be saved for I Am GOD that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.  REMEMBER this and show yourselves as men:  bring it again to mind.  REMEMBER the former things of old: for I AM GOD, and there is none else.  My counsel shall stand.  I have spoken it and will bring it to pass.  Listen unto Me you stubborn minded who are far from righteousness.  I bring MY righteousness and it shall not be far off for MY salvation shall not be delayed.”  May we learn from God’s words and realize that THE LIVING GOD REMEMBERS…”we are brought down  but stand upright for the LORD hears us when we call remembering the name of the LORD our GOD” Ps.20