How’s your #remote #control with your #TV working?  Around six this morning while waking up in the bed, I reached for the remote to turn on the TV to check the weather report.  OOPHS hit wrong button – black screen- punched again – goes off – hit again – green screen then orange! So I Turn on light & get manual !  What does it say?  STAY ON THE CORRECT INPUT OR SOURCE – RESET…That took my thoughts to the LORD and HIS WORD.  Psalms 118:5,6  “I called upon the LORD in my distress: the LORD ANSWERED ME AND *HE *SET *ME IN A LARGE PLACE FOR THE LORD IS ON MY SIDE: I WILL NOT FEAR.”  I realized as the sun was rising that not only did my TV & remote need a reset, but so did I.   By reading God’s manual the Bible, I am guided by the Holy Spirit step by step to clear my connection to THE LIVING GOD ....RESET ON CORRECT INPUT


Are you listening to the #words of #God or to the constant #sounds of man on #media forms of today?  I am reminded of a song from My Fair Lady, “Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words” directed to her teacher!  Who is coaching you now?  I choose to follow the Word of the Lord…”GOD HAS SPOKEN IN HIS HOLINESS and I will rejoice”  Psalm 60:6  “Give us help from trouble..for God shall tread down our enemies” Ps.60:11,12  “GOD HAS SPOKEN ONCE, & TWICE I HEARD THIS, POWER BELONGS UNTO GOD.” Psalm 62:11  Have you heard or read Hebrews?   “GOD, who at different times and in various ways SPOKE to prophets and to us by HIS SON…upholding all things by the WORD OF HIS JESUS, the mediator who SPEAKS -do not refuse Him that spoke on earth or turn away from Him who SPEAKS FROM HEAVEN… whose voice shook the earth.  Receive the kingdom which cannot be moved let us have grace and serve God with reverence …” Hebrews 10:24-28  Today may We Say, “Speak Lord for your servant hears”


Are you #distressed?  Worldwide, I think this #covid pandemic has created turmoil on all of society,  The masked riders of 2020 & 21 have been prevalent among us!  To whom do you go for HELP in such a time as this?  Who is all powerful in your life?  Some look to the government while others only trust in big pharma, and many listen to their local doctor or check latest suggested information on Tube.  May I recommend God’s Word  Psalm 120, 121  “IN MY DISTRESS, I CRIED UNTO THE LORD AND HE HEARD ME….MY HELP COMES FROM THE LORD….HE IS MY KEEPER…..LORD WILL PRESERVE ME FROM ALL EVIL AS I GO AND COME EVEN FOREVER”  Think it’s Time to talk to the LORD?


from Barbara's Bible

Have you #heard?  Do you #know?  “And so it was, that while Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem, the days were completed for Mary to give birth to her firstborn son, and she wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, laid Him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. There in the same country were shepherds staying in the field keeping watch over their flock by night.  Behold the angel of the Lord came upon them and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: they were afraid.  The angel said, ‘Fear not: for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which shall be to all people.  FOR UNTO YOU IS BORN THIS DAY IN THE CITY OF DAVID, A SAVIOUR, WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD.  This shall be a sign unto you; YOU SHALL FIND THE BABE WRAPPED IN SWADDLING CLOTHES, LYING IN A MANGER.  Suddenly there was withe the angel a multitude of the heavenly host PRAISING GOD and saying, ‘GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST AND ON EARTH PEACE, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN’ AND IT CAME TO PASS AND THE ANGELS WERE GONE AWAY FROM THEM INTO HEAVEN, the shepherds went to Bethlehem to see what the Lord made known to them .  They came with haste and found Mary, Joseph and THE BABE WAS LYING IN A MANGER.  Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.”  Luke 2 ..and now you know!


from Barbara's Bible

Where is #truth during the #turmoil permeating #America today?  For such a time as this, I turn to God’s  Word, The #Bible.  “Turn us again, O Lord of hosts, cause Thy face to shine and we shall be saved” Ps.80:7  “O God do not keep silent, or still,  nor hold thy peace for Thy enemies make a tumult and they that hate Thee have lifted up the head taking crafty counsel against Thy people and consulted hidden ones. They said, ‘Come let’s cut them off from being a nation….consulting together with one consent – they are a confederate against Thee. . . Who said, Take to ourselves the houses of God in possession’ …O my God, make them as stubble under the wheel before the wind…who perished & became as waste of the earth.  Persecute them with Thy strange wind and make them afraid with thy storm.  Fill their faces with shame: so they may seek thy name, O Lord.  Let them be confounded and troubled and perish that men may know that Thou whose name alone is #JEHOVAH are the the most high over all the earth” Psalms 83 . . .I pray now “My soul longs, yes, even faints for the COURTS OF THE LORD: my flesh cries out for THE LIVING GOD.”  Ps.84:2  


from Barbara's Bible

Today we are hearing more and more about our #Supreme #Court and the #Judges.  So much hinges on their rulings for the U.S. Presidential #election of 2020.  I would like to bring GOD’S WORD before you today!  “Far be it to slay the righteous with the wicked…shall not THE JUDGE OF ALL THE EARTH DO RIGHT”  Genesis 18:25  “THE LORD IS OUR JUDGE; THE LORD IS OUR LAWGIVER, He is our King and WILL SAVE US” Isaiah 33:22  “For THE LIVING GOD IS THE JUDGE and HE PUTS DOWN ONE AND SETS UP ANOTHER.  All the horns of the wicked shall be cutoff but the righteous shall be exalted” Psalms 75:7,10  “GOD shall judge the secrets of men” Romans 2:16  “GOD SHALL JUDGE HIS PEOPLE” Psalms 135:14, Heb.10:30        “GOD, the Comforter is come to convince the world of sin and judgement for Spirit of Truth is come to guide you into truth” John 16:7-14   The Word of God is powerful and true.     Matthew 12:20,21  “A bruised reed shall GOD not break and smoking flax shall He not quench until He sends  forth JUDGMENT UNTO VICTORY for  IN GOD SHALL WE TRUST”


from Barbara's Bible

#Family, #Church, #Schools, and #Society have certainly changed over the years!  It seems to me most anything goes according to all the little gods running to and fro taking center stage on all platforms.  I for one do not believe or follow their self idolizing philosophy !   Furthermore, GOD has given us His Word of perfection to ascertain in our lifetime for directions to walk with Him not the wiles of the devil.  I say, “Corrections are needed and are coming through the Lord, because THE LIVING GOD CORRECTS.”  How do I know, because it is written in the Bible.  “Trust in the LORD THIS DAY TO KNOW THE CERTAINTY OF THE WORDS OF TRUTH for the LORD will plead their cause and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them” Proverbs 22:19-23  We hear so many of man’s opinions over the airways why not listen or read the words of God?  {Shun profane and vain babblings}   “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, and CORRECTION which instructs into righteousness” 11Timothy 4:16   “When GOD REBUKES & has to CORRECT MAN for iniquity, GOD causes that which is desired in him to melt away.” Psalm 39:11  Are we seeing the LIVING GOD CORRECT TODAY?  “Woe to him that increases that which is not his? Who covets a house on high delivered from the power of evil! Then shall his mind change imputing this power for LORD MY GOD has ordained them for judgment and O MIGHTY GOD HAS ESTABLISHED THEM FOR CORRECTION”  Habakkuk 1,2,3 “O LORD REVIVE THY WORK IN THE MIDST OF THE YEARS MAKE IT KNOWN”   


Well, have you ever?  Not in my lifetime have I seen #America in such #chaos.  I #recall WW11 with my father and four of my uncles involved.  I remember Mother and I had a book of #ration stamps that we took to the grocery store.  I saved aluminum from chewing gum wrappers to donate to the war effort.  No riots!  All swimming pools were closed during the polio outbreak.  We stood together.  Then came the changing 60’s with a flashback of drugged hippies lying on Peachtree in downtown Atlanta.   I’ve observed many changes in our laws while crimes increase.. and God’s Word has been ignored.  Bible informs us that THE LIVING GOD RECALLS, RECOUNTS, REMEMBERS ALL.  Nahum 2:4,5  “They shall rage in the streets jostling against one another as they stumble in making a wall.  GOD SHALL RECOUNT WHAT IS WORTHY and the defense shall be prepared.”  Trust in His Word.  “Now know I that the LORD SAVES HIS ANOINTED, He will hear him from His holy heaven with SAVING STRENGTH of HIS RIGHT HAND.  We will remember – recount  – recall the name of the LORD OUR GOD”  Psalms 20:6,7