My grandmother was a Bible loving woman. I can still remember her holding me in her arms while in her rocking chair and as she finished reading a scripture to me she placed the Word on her chest then moved her glasses to her forehead while humming a hymn as she prayed and rocked me. There in a small town in Texas where everyone knew everyone, I recall her talking about the “Foot Washing Baptists” I was very inquisitive and asked, “Who, What, and Where” She explained that most of the people in the community were farmers and on their feet doing hard work from sun up to sun down. The neighbors were always caring for each other and the fine Bible believing people humbled themselves by washing the feet of others. They were showing respect, honor, and dignity to another. You see weight is carried on the feet. Today, I never hear of foot washing except when someone has a pedicure; however, money does not buy humility ! What does all this have to do with the feet of GOD? Let’s read some scriptures: “GOD the Father of glory raised Christ from the dead and set Him at His own right hand in heavenly places far above principality, power, might, dominion, name in this world and that which is to come – HE HAS PUT ALL THINGS UNDER HIS FEET” Eph.1:17-22 “Then comes the end when He shall deliver up the kingdom to God the Father; putting down all rule, authority, and power for He must reign till HE HAS PUT ALL ENEMIES UNDER HIS FEET. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death for HE PUT ALL THINGS UNDER HIS FEET.” 1Corth15:24-27 “HOW beautiful upon the mountains the FEET OF HIM THAT BRINGS GOOD TIDINGS THAT PUBLISHES PEACE, BRINGS GOOD, PUBLISHES SALVATION -said unto Zion, THY GOD REIGNS” Isaiah52:7

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