His Infernal Ministry – The Person Of The Unholy Spirit – His Being And Beginning

We just finished a series of messages on the #HolySpirit.  Now we start an informative and necessary series on #Satan or the #Devil.  Brother Tommy wanted to inform us about this subject without giving more relevance or power to him.  Some people decry even the existence of Satan, but what does the Bible say about him?  Where and when did Satan originate?  Was he created as an angelic being?  Is he eternal?  What did Lucifer look like?  Is he wise and talented?  What is wrong with the caricature of a red ugly demon running around with a pitchfork?  What about Satan’s position informs us about the struggle between man and himself over the dominion of the Earth?  What was the source of his downfall?  What are the limits of his power?  What tools have we been given to resist?  Why didn’t God prevent Satan’s fall or man’s for that matter?  

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