Author: Jeff Jones

Living Waters

Bible Audio Blog   What kind of water are you drinking?  Is it tap water (hopefully not from #Flint, Michigan), or #spring water, or even reclaimed #seawater?  Jesus came to give us living water to keep us from getting thirsty ever again.  What
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Holy Spirit as Tree

Bible Audio Blog   What does a #tree represent to you?  Trees are mentioned throughout the Bible.  They give #shade, #fruit, #wood for construction and even life giving oxygen.  There is even a whole industry dedicated to making fake trees.  Have you ever
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Holy Spirit as Seal

Bible Audio Blog   Not the #singer, not the #animal, but seal as in #seal the #secure message.  We are told specifically not to grieve the Holy Spirit.  What does that tell us about the characteristics of the Spirit?  What grieves Him?  What
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Holy Spirit as Counsel

Bible Audio Blog   Who doesn’t like a good #comforter?  The Bible calls the #HolySpirit the Great Comforter.  Another translation of that phrase in the Bible is #Counselor, #advocate, or #helper.  Who helps us stand up in front of the ultimate judge?  Why
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Holy Spirit as Oil

Bible Audio Blog   I hope everybody had a great #Father’sDay.  This message gives new meaning to the term #BigOil.  Back in biblical times oil was already being used for energy. heating, cooking, and light.  How does the Holy Spirit light up the
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Holy Spirit as Wind

Bible Audio Blog   When is the #wind more than just an atmospheric disturbance?  #GentleBreeze to #Hurricane, there are many differences in the strength of gusts of air.  #Breath is another variation of wind, and yet God can be seen in all of
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