Author: Jeff Jones

Walking Before the Lord

Bible Audio Blog #Walking implies an #origin and a #destination.  Is it important how we get there, what we do along the way?  Once you make the decision to follow Jesus, it very much matters how you are walking.  How do we walk
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A Word about Weddings

Bible Audio Blog Way back in 1974, people were already attacking the institution of #marriage.  It has only gotten worse.  But #God, in His infinite wisdom gave us marriage in the first book of the #Bible and #Jesus later gave clarification in the
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Back to Bethel

Bible Audio Blog Jacob met #God and had a life changing experience, but did that #change him forever?  What should we do when we stray from #God?  What should a #nation do when its people forget where they came from?   Is God
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Thou Art Thou Shall Be

Bible Audio Blog Congratulations to all the #graduates.  #Graduation is a time of #change.  In fact, everyday brings change for each and every one of us.  Are you excited or scared?  What influences have made us who we are?  What tools have we
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His Infernal Ministry – The Peril Of The Unholy Spirit – The Serpent’s Destruction

Bible Audio Blog I love a #happy ending to a story.  What does that have to do with a series about the #devil?  Brother Tommy starts out with a story about #FakeNews going all the way back to 1967.  It is a great
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Family Features

Bible Audio Blog Okay, one more important interruption in the series of messages we have been doing.  Heads up, Sunday the 12th is #MothersDay.  Don’t forget #Mom.  Are we all children of God?  What does the Bible say about God’s family and its
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