Author: Jeff Jones

Plans to Guide Bible Study 1, 2, and 4

Bible Audio Blog   1 Plans to #guide 2 Principles to #enrich 3 Procedures to #strengthen (the hand method:  hearing, studying, applying, meditating, and memorizing) *Lesson 3 is missing, sorry about that. 4 Practices to aid  Do you appreciate the Word of God? 
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Daily Devotional Discipline 1-4

Bible Audio Blog   What is a Quiet Time or daily devotional?  Why is it important to #Christian #growth and #well_being?  How can you know what God says about a subject if you don’t read His Word?  Have you ever wished that God
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The Winning Witness’ Triumphs

Bible Audio Blog   Today we wrap up our messages about #witnessing.  Who triumphs when we witness?  Do we always succeed when we share the #Gospel?  How did Paul compare the winning witness’ return to a ticker tape parade?  What kind of captives
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The Winning Witness’ Trials

Bible Audio Blog   If you want to experience #triumph (next week’s message) you will have to pass through some #trials.  In witnessing, what are some of the trials you can expect?  Which ones will you experience before or during the time you
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The Winning Witness’ Target

Bible Audio Blog   There is a saying about stepping out of your #ComfortZone, ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’  What is the target of witnessing?  Is it a #decision or a #disciple?  How do we disciple a new Christian? 
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The Winning Witness’ Technique

Bible Audio Blog   Okay, for the past several weeks we have been readying ourselves to share the #Gospel to our #friends and #neighbors.  But how?  Is there one way that is better than the others?  While the message should be consistent, can
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