His Internal Ministry- The Pertinence of the Holy Spirit – Growing Outward Graces


This week we look at three more facets of the #fruit of the #Spirit or as one scholar said #flowers in the #garden.  If you recall, Brother Tommy calls these parts of the fruit graces.  What is long-suffering and how is it similar to patience?  How do we know God is long-suffering?  What causes impatience?  How does faith in the Lord and the fruit of the Spirit counteract the World’s call, i.e. the news and social media, to be impatient with government and our own neighbors?  What is so attractive about gentleness and what are the opposite works of the flesh?  Can gentleness be counterfeited and for what reason?  What does true gentleness look like?  The sixth grace is goodness.  That word can be rather generic.  But, when you look at the opposite and the counterfeit, it becomes much more clear.  

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