Are you hearing from all the news sources that #counselors are needed to help people #cope with #life and #death tragedies.  Well, I certainly agree; however, who is giving the aid?  I have noticed promo’s for a new TV show making fun of the idea that one would try to live by the Bible.  Today’s supposed intellects seem to promote their own idea of superiority which always starts with “I”.   The great “I AM – LORD” is left out of  priority and in His place the focus has become Me, Me, Me!   Where do you go for help?  Ps.33:10,11 “The LORD BRINGS THE COUNSEL OF THE HEATHEN TO NOTHING -BRINGING THE DEVICES OF THESE PEOPLE INEFFECTIVE.  THE COUNSEL OF THE LORD STANDS FOREVER THE THOUGHTS OF HIS HEART TO ALL GENERATIONS”   Everyone wants to have the best, most informed, intelligent, physician, yet our present society wants to self prescribe their own reality which is leading to disaster.  In the book of  Job we can read about all the ‘friends and observers’ who gave Job advice during his travail which amounted to no more than ‘just curse God and die’.  That sounds like some philosophy heard today ‘just live until you die!’  or ‘what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong’.  There is no hope or joy in this fatalistic thinking which leaves God out of our life.  Job gave a word to his nah sayers in Job 12:13 “With GOD IS WISDOM AND STRENGTH, HE HAS COUNSEL AND UNDERSTANDING”   My prayer is that we shall call for counseling from THE COUNSELOR….”O LORD, THOU ART MY GOD; I WILL EXALT THEE, I WILL PRAISE THY NAME; FOR THOU HAS DONE WONDERFUL THINGS; THY COUNSELS OF OLD ARE FAITHFULNESS AND TRUTH.”  The Bible does proclaim that God counsels us through His Word if we seek and listen.

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