Do you put up #lights for #Christmas?  I am amazed by the million lights on #homes that #families engineer to enter in the Festive Lighting Contest on TV.  The people have computerized their lights with special effects timed to perfection.  This is quite a phenomenon!  We are all drawn to the light..  Sometimes we just want out of the dark and need light to find our path. What did Jesus say about light in John 8:12  “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD: he that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the LIGHT OF LIFE !”  CHRIST LIGHTS THE WHOLE WORLD.… Now the light of GOD is not limited to forms of dancing, strobing, pulsing, twinkling, or a lazier beam!   YESHUA, JESUS CHRIST, MESSIAH IS LIGHT.  GODS’ LIGHT cannot be quenched, covered, turned off for HE IS EVERLASTING.  GOD does not change, but we do.  By His Light we can walk His path or choose to walk alone in the dark.  I have seen many landscapes with various terrains while walking through a lifetime of trials through sickness, accidents, storms, deaths, political and financial challenges.  From the valleys of sorrow to the exhilarating heights of joy, I have observed and felt the ever present LIGHT OF THE LORD.  Some of the shadows that were cast have brought me to my knees.   Some daybreaks brought singing in my soul.  Some high noons were scorching with the heat but destroyed the mold.  Some sunsets were so gloriously ablaze with majesty across the horizon that it stopped me in my tracts.  I know the light is ever present and unchanging, but all my life and circumstances are ever changing.  GOD’s LIGHT IS EVER PRESENT, UNCHANGING, the SUN.   My husband, Tommy used to close every written communication with, “KEEP the SON IN YOUR EYES”  I can truly say, “THE LIVING GOD – LIGHTS UP MY LIFE”

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