Is there someone who gives you #pleasure just to be in their presence? With all our electronics, video, TV, and phones, I observe less and less actual personal encounters. People seem to fear eye to eye contact. As I was growing up many years ago, I remember hearing …”Look me in the eyes and tell me that!” Today I hear, ‘what is right made out to be wrong and what is wrong being said it is right’. Now I know God can look through all this smoke screen of players and see the truth. Can the LORD find pleasure in you, His creation? I say, “YES” because His Word tells me so! Psalm 149:4 “For the LORD TAKES PLEASURE IN HIS PEOPLE; HE will beautify the meek with salvation” What a blessed promise from our LORD! Ps.16:11 “GOD will show me the path of life: IN GOD’S PRESENCE IS FULNESS OF JOY; AT HIS RIGHT HAND THERE ARE PLEASURES FOREVERMORE” < Now is the time to turn your eyes upon Jesus>

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