Strengthening Prayer Life 2 and 3


What is a great indicator of a #strong walk with the #Lord?  How is your prayer life?  How well do you communicate with the Almighty Creator of the Universe?  Does the Bible show us how to approach God in prayer?  We can all call on the greatest being out there.  But, is there a difference in the way a Christian and a non-Christian can speak to God?  What can we learn from the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus Christ gave us as an example of proper prayer?  One way to remember the order of the model prayer is ACTS which stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. 

I know part 1 is missing, but I think you can still get a blessing from parts 2 and 3.  Next week, Lord willing, we will have the wrap up of Daily Devotional Discipline.

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