Leaders At Their Best

Bible and Microphone
      19811011 Leaders At Their Best - Rev. Tommy Jones


Whether you follow #Trump, #DumpTrump, or #noneoftheabove on #Twitter, how can you tell when a leader is up to the task?  The #Bible has something to say to all leaders both in the church and outside of it.  Do leaders need help?  Who should they call on for this help?  How should the duties be divided?  From where do leaders get good advice and how do they know when to take it?  What does the level of dedication have to do with the quality of leadership?

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Looking For Leaders

Bible and Microphone
      19810531 Looking For Leaders - Rev. Tommy Jones


Whether you and your organization are trying to decide amongst #Trump, #Carson, #Cruz, #Clinton and #Sanders or you’re looking for a local leader for your #business, #school, or #church, what should you look for in a leader?  What is the first step and what does it have to do with a mirror?  What does leadership have to do with lordship?  What limits how far a leader can go or how much a teacher can teach?  Would you agree that loyalty is important to leadership?  And if so, to whom?  How about hard work?  Is that important in a leader?  I once had a boss that worked so hard that everyone under him tried extra hard to get things done before he noticed them.  Much thanks to a great Christian boss, Ben Creasman.

Speaking of thanks, thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow.  May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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