Do words take on new meanings with the passing of time?  Just in my lifetime, I hear words used with completely different contexts.  Does anything stay the #same?  I can attest that I have seen and observed many changes in people, governments, churches, countries, landscapes, and weather!  It seems to me that the worldwide internet has brought about changes in all areas of our lives.  We have become very dependent on wireless technology.  Long before all this computer connection, we had and have a connection to “the live – living God” who never fails!   I find it so comforting to have as my source the Lord who never changes!  Yes, I have a lifetime warranty written in God’s holy word – the Bible.  Do You?  “THE SAME LORD OVER ALL IS RICH UNTO ALL THAT CALL UPON HIM and whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”Rom.10:12,13  He actually listens to you.  ” GOD IS THE SAME, and thy years shall have no end.”  Ps. 102:27  God’s word was true in yesteryears and it is the same truth today – never changing!  “JESUS CHRIST THE SAME YESTERDAY, AND TODAY, AND FOREVER” Heb.13:8

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