Well have you ever needed to be #carried?  I remember my mother telling me about her experience with me when I learned to walk.  We lived in Denver and she liked to walk on the sidewalk in the neighborhood with me; however, she said, I would just sit down about half way around the block causing her to have to pick me up and carry me home.  She said, “She would first walk on thinking I would get up and follow her, but I just sat there!”   What a picture of human nature.  Sometimes in life – we cannot walk on, but need to be carried.  Our loving Heavenly Father knows our weaknesses and will pick us up when we think we cannot go forward.  All the struggles and weariness from destructive forces around  us today can make one have to sit down, exhausted, and seek help greater than our own.  As a child, I gave out and needed to be carried, but now in my senior years I feel God lifting me up when I am in exhausted.  Isaiah 46:4,9 “EVEN TO YOUR OLD AGE I AM HE; AND EVEN TO YOUR GRAY HAIRS WILL I CARRY YOU; I HAVE MADE (you), AND I WILL BEAR (you); EVEN I WILL CARRY (you), AND WILL DELIVER YOU.    Remember the former things of old: for I AM GOD, and there is none else; I AM GOD, and there is none like ME…MY COUNSEL SHALL STAND.”  May we realize GOD’S LOVING CARE.

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