Biblical Basis for Missions – The Means of Missions

Biblical Basis for Missions – The Means of Missions

Some of our #leaders and #rulers today do not want to be seen with common folk unless it is for a #photo-op.  Compare that with the #Creator of the Universe who sees us, hears us, and through His Son, Jesus Christ touches us.  Seeing, hearing, and touching are the means of missions still to this day.  Can we see, hear, and touch Christ?  How about others?  From what perspective should we see the world?  What would happen if we could see the world through eyes of faith, hope, and love?  As we attempt to listen, what is it we should hear?  Ironically, Brother Tommy mentions a prediction about the state of missions in the year 2000 (this was in 1987) that never came to pass mainly because of the proliferation of the internet, which is how you’re receiving this now.  But, the internet can’t replace physical contact with the unsaved.  Are you making contact with those that need a savior?  

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