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Biblical Basis for Missions – The Means of Missions

Bible Audio Blog Some of our #leaders and #rulers today do not want to be seen with common folk unless it is for a #photo-op.  Compare that with the #Creator of the Universe who sees us, hears us, and through His Son, Jesus
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The Birth of Christ

Bible Audio Blog   Is it possible to have #Christmas without #Jesus Christ?  There are an awful lot of people out there trying to do just that these days. But without the proper reason for the celebration included, these #inclusive, #politicallycorrect festivities go
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Got yourself in a #pickle?  Started out nice and fresh, but things turned sour?  Do you need #HELP?  “Who you gonna call?”  God’s Word tells us in Isaiah 52:3 “…you will be redeemed without money” (that’s not a lawyer)  Is.47:4
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