Changed By Christ From Nobody To Somebody

Changed By Christ From Nobody To Somebody

Do you feel #invisible?  Does it feel like nobody #cares?  Are you #lonely?  This is a story about a woman in the Bible who showed faith in the right one and it changed her life.  This woman was weakened by twelve years of a chronic debilitating illness.  You may be able to relate to that now or as you age you will be able to understand later.  But, either way there is a lesson here for all of us.  Besides being at her wit’s end medically, what else was involved in her suffering and isolation making her a nobody in the eyes of society?  She heard about Jesus and what did she do about it?  While we are not saved by what we do, is there any effort that we must expend to receive the gift of Salvation? After being healed, Christ asked her to come forward, recognizing her as a somebody.  Why? 

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