Do you have “the #ear” of the most important person in your life? I have observed many group gatherings where there is no interactions. Why? Most are all on their cell phones and never hear what is being said by the person talking in their group. Do you think GOD can hear you? With the internet connecting us around the world, do you think GOD has always had a instantaneous connection with each of us? I do! If you are not talking to the person next to you, how long has it been since you talked to GOD? “Give ear, O LORD, unto my prayer, attend to my voice of supplication. In day of my trouble, I will call upon Thee and Thou will answer” Ps.86:6,7 How many of your calls are returned? Ps.10:17 “LORD Thou has heard the desire of the humble and will prepare their heart and will cause THY EAR TO HEAR” Ps.34:15 “THE EARS OF THE LORD ARE OPEN TO THE CRY OF THE RIGHTEOUS” Who do you want to be in your life? With whom do you want to converse? Do you love anyone? Who listens to you? Ps.116:1,2 “I LOVE THE LORD BECAUSE HE HAS HEARD MY VOICE AND MY SUPPLICATIONS AND BECAUSE HE HAS INCLINED HIS EAR UNTO ME, THEREFORE WILL I CALL UPON HIM AS LONG AS I LIVE.” Make the right call today!

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