His Internal Ministry – The Pertinence Of The Holy Spirit – Sensing Sins

With great #power comes great #responsibiity – Uncle Ben.  What are some things we are warned about concerning the #HolySpirit?  What six sins against the Holy Spirit are both Believers and unbelievers told about in the Bible?  Everyone has resisted the Holy Spirit to some degree in the past and many still are.  What is the end result of perpetual resistance?  What is the unpardonable sin?  What is the paradox of wondering whether or not you have crossed the line of the unpardonable sin?  What are the evidences of it?  How can we grieve the Holy Spirit?  What does that tell us about Him?  What does it mean to quench the Holy Spirit as opposed to grieving?  

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this series on our helper, the Holy Spirit.  Next week, Lord willing, we will start a series on our enemy, the Devil.

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