His Infernal Ministry – The Person Of The Unholy Spirit – His Nature And Names

This series on #Satan is not meant to glorify the #enemy, but rather to inform.  What can we learn about the nature of the #Devil by some of his names?  What can we derive from the title ‘prince of the power of the air’ and how can we combat that?  Who is the Prince of Heaven and how did He handle the prince of the Earth?  Does Satan have any influence over politics or religion?  Who does the Devil leave alone?  Rebel, tempter, and deceiver tell us what about his personage?  What can we be sure of when lying creeps into our personality?  How does he try to pervert everything good?  Has he ever created anything original?  Who destroys and kills?  Who is the one who shakes the nations?  Who goes about as a roaring lion seeking to destroy?  What are tools to defend ourselves?

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