His Internal Ministry – The Pertinence Of The Holy Spirit – Filling Followers

The whole world is #divided.  We see it all day every day at #work, at #school, and in the #news.  It is solidly divided between Believers and non-believers.  But, did you know that Christians are also divided between those that are filled with the Spirit and those who are not?  What is a carnal Christian and how can you avoid being one?  Is the Spirit filled Christian life just for a chosen few?  Why should we be filled?  How do we get filled?  What are some misconceptions that we have about the Holy Spirit?  How is the Spirit filling us similar but better than being intoxicated?  What are five results that every Believer can expect from being filled with the Holy Spirit?  Are you truly thirsty?  What is the difference between a vessel and a channel?  

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