How to Know the Will of God

How to Know the Will of God


Is it important for us to know God’s will?  Have you ever wondered #why you are here or if there is a #purpose to your life?  If you want to know why you were created, why not ask the Creator?  God promises success if we follow His plan for our life.  But, who defines what success looks like?  Does God lay out His plans for us all at once?  Is there any risk involved in turning control over to God?  What is our role in finding out God’s will?  When is the right time to start following it?  What must happen first?  What are the next steps for finding the will of God?  Will the will of God ever contradict the Word of God?  Do our feelings or common sense ever play a part in finding God’s will?  How about the advice of other Christ followers?  What part does peace play in this process?

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