As a #teenager that just received your #driver’s license, did your parents send you to the #grocery store for a forgotten item needed for dinner – or was it for that Dairy Queen treat?   That was the scenario in our family.   As a loving parent, I was trying to demonstrate that privileges and maturity come with responsibilities.  My children and grandchildren are all adults now and I can see how God our Father has sent them all on various  paths in their lives.   When I was 15, God touched my heart to follow His directions for my life’s path one sunset evening at Glorietta Assembly just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Several outstanding Christian speakers were expressing the need to have a purposeful direction for one’s life.  As I was focused on my life’s direction and choices before me, there was a magnificent presentation of  Jesus words in John 20:21.  I knew I wanted God to send me in His path and use me wherever He placed me to share His love .   Through the years I have been in many places – physically and mentally –  My God has never forsaken me!  I answered His call to follow, to tell and to show God’s abiding love wherever .  So far it has been in my home, church, school, work, community, hospitals, shut-ins, jails, resorts, cities from coast to coast, on buses, trains, planes and cars, by personal speaking on TV, film, video, & now this internet site has reached people in over 140 countries.  “Jesus said, Peace be unto you:  as MY FATHER HAS SENT ME, EVEN SO SEND I YOU”   When I was that young lady with a desire to follow wherever God sent me, now I am a 80 yr. old woman by God’s grace who still wants to be where God leads.  Ps.92 “The righteous shall flourish…they shall still bring forth fruit in old show that the LORD is upright.”

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