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Missions without #Jesus Christ is just #SocialWork.  Social work may be well intentioned, but at best it is only a temporary fix to an infinite problem.  The #World waited a long time for the #Savior.  Why do we need a …

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Last week, we learned how to #walk in the #light.  This week, we are learning to walk in #love.  When #Jesus was asked what the greatest #commandment is, His answer was about loving God and loving others.  Where does love …

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  Today, we have the introduction of a series of messages on the #HolySpirit.  John 14 teaches us that we need to know about all 3 persons of the one true #God.  You may know God the Father and you …

His Internal Ministry – The Person of the Holy Spirit Read More »

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  Was 2017 a scary place for you?  It seemed full of #uprisings, #protests, #politics, and just bad news.  But what was your reference point?  Did you know that there are 365 times the Bible says ‘fear not.’  Will you …

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As a #teenager that just received your #driver’s license, did your parents send you to the #grocery store for a forgotten item needed for dinner – or was it for that Dairy Queen treat?   That was the scenario in …


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