The Joy of Jesus – Serenity In Your Communication – Privately

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      20060312 Joy Of Jesus - Serenity In Your Communication - Privately - Rev. Tommy Jones


What does your #InternalMonologue sound like?  Guaranteed, whatever you are saying to yourself in #private is spilling over into your words to others.  That doesn’t have to be a negative statement.  Here in Philippians, Paul tells his audience to ‘rejoice in the Lord always.’  If we were to do that continuously, what would be the effect on our conversations?  Of course you have to have a personal relationship with the Lord of the Universe to have a reason to praise Him perpetually.  How do you get that?  Go to our Gift link on the homepage of as i always say at the bottom of these messages.  Is this prosperity Gospel?  Did Paul write this from a place of opulence and comfort?