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  PSA – Don’t forget #Valentine’sDay is coming up to avoid unnecessary external suffering.  But seriously, why is there so much #suffering in this world?  If suffering is the result of a fallen world, why do Christians suffer?  How does …

The Joy of Jesus – Triumphant Suffering – Of An External Nature – Pointed Toward Proclamation Read More »

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  With the #IowaCaucus and the #kickoff of the #primary and #election season, here in the #USA, ask yourself what would a revival do to the outcome? Not just in this country, but what would it do around the world?  …

Revive Us Again Read More »

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With the changing season, I got out a pair of enclosed cold weather shoes which I started to put on when I noticed the rubberized sole was sticky!  As I looked more closely, the sole was cracked and crumbling even …


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