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Bread of Heaven

Bible Audio Blog   Have you ever been to a #restaurant that served #bread before the meal, and it was so good you just had to eat there again #cheddarbiscuits?  Is there a better bread, one that gives eternal life?  Now I am
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Edify One Another

Bible Audio Blog   An #edifice is also known as a #building, and to edify is to build up.  What does it mean to build each other up?  As members of one body (the Body of Christ), why is it important to edify
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Lord’s Supper

Bible Audio Blog   The #bodyofChrist, the #bloodofChrist, what do they have to do with a #wedding?  Today, we use the word ’betrothed’ to mean married, but it actually is a step in the process.  Where did the groom stay during the process? 
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