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His Infernal Ministry- The Peril of the Unholy Spirit – The Saints’ Distinction

Bible Audio Blog The devil’s first #defense is to convince us that he doesn’t #exist.  When that #fails, he tries to convince us of numerous #lies about his #power and #strength.  If that too fails, he tries to tell us lies about our
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Bread of Heaven

Bible Audio Blog   Have you ever been to a #restaurant that served #bread before the meal, and it was so good you just had to eat there again #cheddarbiscuits?  Is there a better bread, one that gives eternal life?  Now I am
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Lord’s Supper

Bible Audio Blog   The #bodyofChrist, the #bloodofChrist, what do they have to do with a #wedding?  Today, we use the word ’betrothed’ to mean married, but it actually is a step in the process.  Where did the groom stay during the process? 
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