Basic Biblical Beliefs – This Is My Father’s World

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      19980426 Basic Biblical Beliefs - This Is My Father's World - Rev. Tommy Jones


I heard a scientific commentator the other day say that if any of the constants we have discovered in the #universe like #gravity, the speed of #light, our #orbit around the sun, etc. were off by a decimal point, #life would not exist.  And yet, some people still doubt the existence of a #Creator.  God asked Job, where were you when I set these things in place.  Because this is my Father’s world.  How does His Word, the Bible, start off in the very first sentence?  What are some of the dangers involved in the alternative views of the origin of our world?  Was our universe designed with wisdom or a random process?  Ray Comfort says, “the building is proof of the builder, the painting is proof of the painter, and Creation is proof of the Creator.”  Why are we here?  Why does the Bible say God created this universe?  Did He know what would happen?  What was His plan from the beginning for our salvation?

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