from Barbara's Bible

“Who cares” is a comment I have heard from some individuals or those who do not even care about themselves!  As I observe today’s society I see the  #internet, #television, #entertainment, and yes, #politics all revolving around the same theme – “Me, Me, Me”  These speeches sound like utopia; however, one size does not fit all.  Everyone of us wants to feel that someone cares about our existence .  Present population is so involved with the moment of instant gratification that they find it difficult to see beyond their own nose.  They might donate to a go fund me account which may or may not be legitimate, but do not speak to the person next to them.  Look around you  Do you know or see a person who cares about you and others?  I see caring individuals who proclaim Jesus Christ as their Savior and portray Him through an example of walking in His way.  The Bible tells us how much GOD cares for us individually yet we possess many different personalities, temperaments, abilities, disabilities and circumstantial needs!  When we ask GOD not the latest gadget to direct our life, He will deliver with a care package filled with grace.  Now is the time to take all your concerns and give them to the Lord.  “Casting all your care upon Him, for THE LIVING GOD CARES FOR YOU” 1Peter5:7     Right now “GOD CARES”