from Barbara's Bible
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Do you ask yourself, ‘Who Cares?’  I answer myself, “GOD DOES!”  What or Who gives me that assurance ?  GOD’S WORD TELLS ME SO.  “Consider my affliction and rescue me for I do not forget thy WORD” Ps.119:154  “In my distress, I cried unto the LORD AND HE HEARD ME” Psalm 120:l “WHEN EVIL COMES UPON US, I CRY UNTO THE LORD IN MY DISTRESS AND GOD WILL HEAR AND HELP” 11Chronicles 20:9 “Trust in the LORD for He is our HELP and SHIELD” Psalm 115:9  You see YOU matter to GOD and HE actually listens to you!  You don’t need to have a code for He has your number…”I LOVE the LORD BECAUSE HE HAS HEARD MY VOICE AND MY SUPPLICATIONS AND HAS TURNED HIS EAR UNTO ME; therefore I WILL CALL UPON HIM AS LONG AS I LIVE.…for HIS MERCIFUL KINDNESS IS GREAT and the TRUTH of the LORD ENDURES FOREVER”  Psalm 116:1.2-117:2  GOD CARES ABOUT YOU !!!