Biblical Basis for Missions – Old Testament Subjects

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What do we mean by #missions?  It is simply sharing the #gospel or #goodnews with others.  It could be your immediate #neighbor or someone living far from your home.  But it is all missions.  If missions is about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, what does the old testament have to do with this activity?  In the same way that you cannot have the new testament without the old, the ground work for missions is laid down in the old testament.  God created the whole world, so doesn’t that mean that the whole world needs His Son?  In Genesis, we see man’s fall.  So doesn’t that mean we all need a Savior?  Do sinners seek God or does God seek them?  As early as Genesis 3:15, we see the plan for reconciling sinful man back to God.  What can we learn about missionaries from Noah, from Abraham, and even the Israelites?

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Characteristics From Characters

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      19820124pm Characteristics From Characters - Rev. Tommy Jones


A good book usually has strong #character development.  It may even employ the tool of #foreshadowing and #symbolism.  Well the greatest book ever written, the #Bible, is no exception.  What are we to recognize of ourselves in Adam?  What does Abel represent?  Who was Enoch and what can we learn from him?  What did Noah and his boat symbolize?  What about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph?  What do they show us about our walk with God?  When you put these eight characters together, what does it show us about the way we are to live?

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