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Jacob met #God and had a life changing experience, but did that #change him forever?  What should we do when we stray from #God?  What should a #nation do when its people forget where they came from?   Is God mad at us when we backslide?  Bethel, or house of God, is where Jacob first met God.  Where is your Bethel?  What are some examples that show that our Savior is a God of second chances?  Jacob and his family had strayed with idols.  But we don’t have any idols today, do we?  One of my pastors says that an idol is a good thing that becomes a god thing.  What outward change did God tell Jacob to make?  What benefit did Jacob receive from following the Lord’s instruction?  When Jacob returned to Bethel, was he returning to a place or to God?  We see Jacob dedicating himself to God, but what about God’s dedication to his servant?  Well, He did rename him.

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Characteristics From Characters

Bible Audio Blog

      19820124pm Characteristics From Characters - Rev. Tommy Jones


A good book usually has strong #character development.  It may even employ the tool of #foreshadowing and #symbolism.  Well the greatest book ever written, the #Bible, is no exception.  What are we to recognize of ourselves in Adam?  What does Abel represent?  Who was Enoch and what can we learn from him?  What did Noah and his boat symbolize?  What about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph?  What do they show us about our walk with God?  When you put these eight characters together, what does it show us about the way we are to live?

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