Basic Biblical Beliefs – Our God Is More Than Adequate

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      19980322 Basic Biblical Beliefs - Our God Is More Than Adequate - Rev. Tommy Jones


“You can’t face an #adult sized world with a #child sized #God.”  Is your God big enough?  How is the one true God always present?  How does this idea differ from #pantheism or #newage teachings?  What is the extent of the knowledge of God?  How are we going to discover anything that God doesn’t know when He created it?  If God knows everything in advance, do we still have free will?  How powerful would such a being have to be?  Power is the ability to accomplish purpose and as such God can do anything consistent with His nature.  What does that tell us about who will prevail?

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The Great God We Worship

Bible Audio Blog
      19830710pm The Great God We Worship - Rev. Tommy Jones


With the rumblings of #ISIS and mentions of #WWIII flying around the #media, we need to remind ourselves who is in charge.  Has God lost control of this world?  What does the Bible say about other religions that try to claim their god is greater than the one true God?  Is God surprised by what is going on today?  The other day I was struck by the fact that when we focus the Hubble Space Telescope at a seemingly empty spot in the night sky, it finds billions of galaxies with billions of stars in each galaxy.  And God not only knows how many are out there, but the name of each star.  Do you think He cares less about the finite number of humans on this planet?  Okay, God knows everything, but is He powerful enough to do something about it?  How much restraint must an all knowing, all powerful God possess to not force everyone to act in everyone else’s best interest?

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