from Barbara's Bible

WHATCHA DOIN? is a popular #Bitmoji today. What are you doing #NOW?  Have you resumed your #lifestyle and #work routine?  Covid has curtailed our activities and caused many changes to the way we view life.  I have observed that the people who are working seem to be doing double duty for those who refuse to labor.  As a child I was taught to help (work) around the house with dusting, dishes, polishing furniture and floors, gardening,  cooking; however, today I see all ages wasting away on video games or glued to their phone!  We are made in the image of GOD.  What’s GOD DOING?   DOES GOD WORK?  “The WORKS OF GOD’S HANDS ARE HONORABLE AND GLORIOUS STANDING FIRM AND TRUE FOREVER”  GOD keeps on keeping on….”The WORKS OF THE LORD ARE GREAT AND SOUGHT OUT BY ALL THAT HAVE PLEASURE THEREIN AS HE MADE HIS WONDERFUL WORKS TO BE REMEMBERED”  Psalms 111  Are you seeking guidance now?  “THE MIGHTY GOD, LORD OF HOSTS IS GREAT IN COUNSEL AND WORKS BY OPENING MENS EYES TO GIVE EVERYONE ACCORDING TO HIS WAYS AND DOINGS”  Jeremiah 32:19    ‘WHATCHA DOIN?”