Christ Is The Answer – Lessons In Life Building

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      20000723 Christ Is The Answer - Lessons In Life Building - Rev. Tommy Jones


How are you planning for the #future?  Every one of us is building a #life right now.  Some of us are just trying to #survive while others are expanding our #RealEstate or #401k.  But, what if there is a test at the end of this world to see what will last for eternity?  All buildings including our lives start with a foundation.  What makes Jesus Christ the only enduring foundation, the solid rock?  How is repentance like excavation?  The foundation is just the start.  What should we put on top of it?  The Bible says what you have built will be tried with fire.  What are works?  How does a works judgment differ from a salvation judgment?  How important will motives and means be?  

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WHATCHA DOIN? is a popular #Bitmoji today. What are you doing #NOW?  Have you resumed your #lifestyle and #work routine?  Covid has curtailed our activities and caused many changes to the way we view life.  I have observed that the people who are working seem to be doing double duty for those who refuse to labor.  As a child I was taught to help (work) around the house with dusting, dishes, polishing furniture and floors, gardening,  cooking; however, today I see all ages wasting away on video games or glued to their phone!  We are made in the image of GOD.  What’s GOD DOING?   DOES GOD WORK?  “The WORKS OF GOD’S HANDS ARE HONORABLE AND GLORIOUS STANDING FIRM AND TRUE FOREVER”  GOD keeps on keeping on….”The WORKS OF THE LORD ARE GREAT AND SOUGHT OUT BY ALL THAT HAVE PLEASURE THEREIN AS HE MADE HIS WONDERFUL WORKS TO BE REMEMBERED”  Psalms 111  Are you seeking guidance now?  “THE MIGHTY GOD, LORD OF HOSTS IS GREAT IN COUNSEL AND WORKS BY OPENING MENS EYES TO GIVE EVERYONE ACCORDING TO HIS WAYS AND DOINGS”  Jeremiah 32:19    ‘WHATCHA DOIN?”

Knowing the Ways of God

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      19880207 Knowing The Ways Of God - Rev. Tommy Jones


Are you able to see #God by His works?  Are you ready to know God by His ways?  Some people refuse to acknowledge God’s existence, despite all of the evidence to the contrary.  Others believe in God but don’t think it is possible to know Him.  And yet, Moses showed us that it is not only possible to know about God but also to know Him in a relationship.  What difference does it make?  What is the difference between a testifier and a teacher?  What makes us panic about God’s actions versus having peace about it?  What difference can knowing God’s ways make in your prayer life?  How can you get to know God’s ways?

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The Blood Atonement

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      19880117 The Blood Atonement - Rev. Tommy Jones


Why do #Christian #churches preach and sing so much about #blood?  Because, the #Bible puts a great deal of emphasis on blood.  But why?  How are shadows similar to our understanding of God?  Is there a right way to worship?  If there is a right way, doesn’t that mean there is a wrong way?  What was wrong with Cain’s offering compared to Abel’s?  Blood offerings throughout the Old Testament are a foreshadowing of what event?

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