How To Cure Snakebite

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      19860928 How To Cure Snakebite - Rev. Tommy Jones


#SnakeBite, why would you want to know this unless you had been #attacked?  This is not a message about handling #dangerous #snakes.  But, what if I told you that we have all been bitten by this one old rotten snake?  First, what are the symptoms?  Take the Israelites in the wilderness, what was so distasteful to God about their behavior?  How are we different today?  What’s God’s answer to their rebellion?  How about ours?  What is harder, following Christ or not following Him?  What is the law of sin and death?  So what is the cure for this fatal bite?  Back to the Israelites for a minute, why didn’t God answer their petition the way that they wanted?  How does the snake symbolism change in this story?  Is there more than one cure for snake bite?  This cure is simple and yet so many who are in danger of dying refuse it.

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