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Serve One Another

Bible Audio Blog   What is wrong with looking out for #1?  Where does serving #self first get us?  What does serving others have to do with #freedom in #Christ?  Does freedom in Christ mean freedom to sin?  What does freedom have to
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The Blood Atonement

Bible Audio Blog   Why do #Christian #churches preach and sing so much about #blood?  Because, the #Bible puts a great deal of emphasis on blood.  But why?  How are shadows similar to our understanding of God?  Is there a right way to
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Grappling with Guilt

Bible Audio Blog   What is #guilt and how does it affect us?  How does it affect those around us?  Is it  a problem for Christians as well as non-Christians?  How does the conscience relate to guilt?  Where do we get our ideals? 
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How To Cure Snakebite

Bible Audio Blog   #SnakeBite, why would you want to know this unless you had been #attacked?  This is not a message about handling #dangerous #snakes.  But, what if I told you that we have all been bitten by this one old rotten
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Grace To Sustain

Bible Audio Blog   Have you ever gotten in a #badmood because you were having a #badday?  Who hasn’t?  Today, I had to apologize to my grown children for my #attitude about the way things turned out.  I had planned a reunion to
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How does God’s #LOVE correspond to His CHASTENING?    Chasten is defined by Webster as correcting by punishment; discipline – to purify or refine by freeing from faults.  Psalm 94:12 “Blessed is the man whom Thou dost CHASTEN, O LORD,
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