The Joy of Jesus – Available For Calculation – Matter of Risk and Reward – Avoid the Risk


#HappyNewYear, in fact I hope you have a happy #decade.  But don’t stop there, have a happy #life.  That is easier said than done.  True happiness is found in Jesus.  Today, we begin a series by Brother Tommy about the joy of Jesus from the book of Philippians.  Rejoice, we have read the end of the book and God wins.  God is in control easily (with His feet up).  This world is temporary and fleeting, if you align your view with the Lord’s you will see a much bigger picture.  So what is the risk Brother Tommy wants to warn us about?  This was almost 15 years ago, and he names names of these risks.  I jumped into the middle of this series, because God led me to this message for this time.  Next week, we will start it from the beginning.

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